If he is qualified, your chiropractor is a registered and licensed medical practitioner. The Surgeon General and the national health authorities recognize this medical specialist’s contributions to the health services industry. Graduates wishing to specialize in chiropractic work can register and attend any one of the country’s recognized or leading medical schools where this discipline is taught. And yet a chiropractor hillsboro or practice can also be approached as a holistic alternative to conventional practices of medicine.

How could this be? Let’s take a closer look at his clinic. This is a medical practitioner who should only be administering the likes of cortisone injections in the most extreme cases. These are those cases where extensive injuries have been incurred and pain is quite unbearable for the patient. If it is to be a negative, that is the one thing about chiropractic work that readers should note. This is not an overnight cure-all practice.

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It takes time for wounds to heal. One session with the chiropractor is not going to be enough. So, if you have been in an auto accident and the medical practitioner who has released you from the emergency ward has prescribed chiropractic work, you could be in for a long journey. If injuries are minimal, say through extensive physical activities, there may never be a need for prescription drugs, not to mention over the counter remedies that barely ever work.

And this could be the making of a holistic practitioner. The primary tools he will be utilizing in his rooms is something that pretty much every reader has, certainly the writer of this short note. It is called a pair of hands, nothing more, nothing less, that is all he will be using. So too, the massage therapist right next door to him.