A proactive, positive approach to dental care is the easiest way to prevent many common dental problems that may very well impact your beautiful smile and healthy teeth. One way to do this is to ensure that you do not believe all the myths that you hear surrounding dental care. Many myths are out there concerning dental care, some of which you’ve likely heard a time or two before. We’re here to shed some light on a few of the most common myths.

Dental Visits are Needed Only When You Have a Toothache or a Cavity

The American Dental Association recommended that everyone, children included, visit the dentist twice per year for a dental exam, cleaning, and tooth and mouth inspection. Regular dental visits improve the health and strength of the teeth, keeps cavities at bay and more. Don’t wait until there is a problem to visit the dentist.

Flossing is Bad for Your Teeth

Although the verdict is still out concerning the actual benefit level of flossing, there is little doubt that it benefits the teeth, since it removes stuck-on grime and grit between the teeth. Some people say that flossing creates a space between the teeth but thankfully, this is also a misconception.

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Babies Shouldn’t Visit the Dentist

Your baby should visit the dentist by the age of one, but preferably after the first tooth erupts. Regular dental care keeps your baby and child’s teeth healthy and also ensures a lifetime of good oral health.

Make sure to visit a family dental care lancaster to keep your teeth in the best condition and remember, don’t believe everything that you hear. Your smile depends on your knowledge as well as regular visits to the dentist. Don’t sacrifice the good health of your teeth!